The Smart City Internet Exchange (SCIX) is one “side” of the St Louis Regional Internet Exchange. SCIX serves educational, public sector, non-profit, and research organizations. The other “side” of the IXP is operated by MidWest-IX, serving Commercial ISPs, CDNs, etc. See this page for more information about our partnership with MidWest-IX.

How To Connect

SCIX currently operates in two carrier hotel/datacenter facilities in St Louis: 210 N Tucker and 900 Walnut. If your equipment is located in one of these facilities it will be straightforward for you to connect to SCIX and start peering. If you are not in one of these facilities but wish to connect, please contact to discuss options!

We have patch panels in the meet-me rooms of 210 N Tucker and 900 Walnut.

To get started:

  1. Determine which facility you will connect within, and what type of port (1G, 10G) you will order.
  2. Complete our Participant Information Request Form or contact if you’d like to discuss your order before completing the form.
  3. We will send you an LOA for the cross-connect. Use our LOA to order the cross-connect from your equipment/panel to the port on our panel in the meet-me room as specified in our LOA. Please cc: on your cross-connect order.
  4. We will provide the information required for router configuration, e.g. IP addresses and route server information.


Public Peering: We currently offer 10 Gb/s and 1 Gb/s IX ports.

Port Speed Monthly Fee
1G No charge for your first 6 months! (must sign up by July 1, 2017)
After no-charge period, variable charges based on usage,
starting as low as $75/mo.
10G No charge for your first 6 months! (must sign up by July 1, 2017)
After no-charge period, variable charges based on usage,
starting as low as $75/mo.

Customer is responsible for cross-connect install charges. There are no other set-up fees.

Additional Services: We can offer multi-lateral private peering and other custom connectivity services. If you have a connectivity need that you think we could assist with, please inquire to

Note on pricing: We work to ensure that all participants receive value from their connection to the IX, and our initial pricing is flexible to help accomplish that. We understand that the early participants in an IX join with the expectation of receiving more value in the future (as more participants join) than they will on day one, and that as traffic across the IX increases, the participants will realize more value. Please contact us to discuss your objectives and we’ll work to connect you with a fee structure that can work for both of us.



See our policies page.

Our Infrastructure

We have switching equipment in the two most active carrier hotel facilities in St Louis: 210 N Tucker and 900 Walnut. We have patch panels in the meet-me rooms in both facilities.

We have a 10G / 40G / 100G switch in each facility, donated by Arista Networks. We have multiple 10G links between our switches in different facilities, multiplexed over dark fiber that runs between the buildings, with headroom to upgrade capacity as traffic increases. Our switches connect to MidWest-IX’s switches and any participant connected to either MidWest-IX or SCIX is able to peer with any other participant.

To facilitate peering between participants connected to either SCIX or MidWest-IX we share a set of route servers between both sides of the exchange. The route servers are operated by MidWest-IX.

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