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St. Louis Regional Internet Exchange to Reduce Internet Latency, Local Page Loading Times and Build Smart City Capabilities. New Internet Capability Will Provide Unprecedented Opportunity for Smart City Economic Development, Internet of Things (IoT) and Collaborative Innovation in the St. Louis Region

Saint Louis, MO, January 6, 2017 – St. Louis Regional Internet Exchange (STL-RIX) will provide traditional Internet Exchange (IX) services for business customers in the St. Louis region starting February 2017. Once up and running, STL-RIX will be able to provide high speed, low latency connectivity while decreasing the expense of service in the St. Louis region.

Business customers will be able to connect to the STL-RIX and exchange local traffic with other businesses and providers thereby increasing the speed and lowering the cost of collaboration within the region.

STL-RIX will have a unique configuration which allows innovation districts – like Cortex, innovation neighborhoods, universities, startups, etc. to build and provision Internet-based services such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart City community solutions for healthcare, education, media and public safety without interrupting the services being provided to the business customers connected to STL-RIX’ traditional IX services.

Content providers are investing in infrastructure by purchasing equipment to be installed and directly connected to the STL-RIX. This new equipment delivers Internet users in St. Louis with faster, lower-latency access to Internet access.

To celebrate the launch of STL-RIX, we are hosting the “St. Louis Regional Internet Exchange Preview” on January 19th from 10:30AM to 12:00pm at CIC 4240 Duncan, in the Havana Room in Cortex.

Attendees will learn what increased connectivity, Smart City and IoT could mean for St. Louis and how it will ultimately benefit the community. Details of this event can be found at Eventbrite.

Participants in the St Louis Regional Internet Exchange event include Jerry Cox CEO of Blendics, Jim Highfill and David Sandel of Innovation Neighborhoods, Mike Hammett and Justin Wilson of Midwest Internet Exchange, Nathan Schrenk from St. Louis Regional Internet Exchange, Owen Graham from Netrality Properties, Andrew Ruben Attorney with PAULE, CAMAZINE & BLUMENTHAL, P.C, David Strom noted technical writer, Ken Owens of Cisco Cloud Platforms and Services Group, Joe Wojtal from WWT, Ken Harrington of Bayberry Group and Richard Schreier from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.

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